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Was deckt die gebäudeversicherung ab

Was deckt die gebäudeversicherung ab

Was deckt die gebäudeversicherung ab, Die Gebäudeversicherung, or building insurance, is a crucial aspect of property ownership that often gets overlooked. Many homeowners may not fully understand what this type of insurance covers, leading to confusion and potential financial risks. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of Gebäudeversicherung and shed light on what it covers to help property owners make informed decisions about their insurance needs.

Understanding Gebäudeversicherung:

Die Gebäudeversicherung is designed to protect property owners against various risks and damages to their buildings. The coverage typically includes protection against natural disasters, accidents, and other unforeseen events that may cause damage to the structure of the property.

Key Coverage Areas:

  1. Feuer- und Blitzschlagschäden (Fire and Lightning Damage): Gebäudeversicherung covers damages caused by fires and lightning strikes. This includes structural damage as well as damage to personal belongings within the property.
  2. Sturmschäden (Storm Damage): Properties are susceptible to damages caused by severe storms, including strong winds and hail. Building insurance provides coverage for repairs or reconstruction due to such damages.
  3. Leitungswasserschäden (Water Damage from Pipes): Water damage resulting from burst pipes or other plumbing issues is a common concern for property owners. Gebäudeversicherung typically covers the costs associated with repairing such damages.
  4. Naturkatastrophen (Natural Disasters): Natural disasters like earthquakes and floods can have devastating effects on buildings. While coverage for these events may vary, it’s essential for property owners to check and, if necessary, supplement their insurance policies.
  5. Einbruchdiebstahl (Burglary): Gebäudeversicherung may also provide coverage for damages caused by break-ins or theft. This includes damage to doors, windows, and any stolen property within the building.

What May Not Be Covered:

It’s important for property owners to be aware that Gebäudeversicherung may not cover certain events, such as intentional damage, wear and tear, or damages resulting from inadequate maintenance. Additionally, coverage for natural disasters may require additional riders or separate policies.


In conclusion, understanding what die Gebäudeversicherung abdeckt (covers) is crucial for every property owner. By being aware of the key coverage areas and potential exclusions, individuals can make informed decisions when selecting or reviewing their building insurance policies. Regularly assessing the insurance needs and keeping policies up-to-date will ensure that property owners have the necessary protection in place to safeguard their investments against unexpected events.

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Was deckt die gebäudeversicherung ab
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